Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 Accounting in a drama, colorful festival Foshan accounting

In our 20 years of enterprise information development process, the finance staff was the first group of people access to information technology, information technology, as more and more on management, the role of accounting gradually gone up. Recently, the Guangdong Foshan Introducing the second accounting Cultural Festival, to show managers the latest intelligent management techniques and ideas, a number of cultural programs of the perfect performance, but also to make this session of accounting as business and art festival combination of the annual feast.

The second field of accounting Cultural Festival

According to reports, the accounting culture of this festival by the Friends of Easy Computer Co., Ltd. Foshan City, Foshan Science and Technology and jointly sponsored by the UF research software and enjoy the art of training support base. Foshan You Yi Hao Jun, general manager of Pan at the scene about the business of yesterday, today and tomorrow, that of Friends of trade can not develop without the support and encouragement of customers, the future, Friends of the vulnerable will continue to work, providing a full range of information technology to solve program. In this regard, Science and Technology Board said that a high degree of support, he fully affirmed the Friends of the Foshan enterprises easily to the professional services and achievements, and the sustainable development of local enterprises are full of confidence.

Cao Shouyi manager excellent speech generation T Series Intelligent management software

During the festival, UFIDA Group Cao Shouyi manager has brought a new generation of T series UF intelligent management software, introduced the product in the enterprise management process in practical application. He said UF T Series management software is more than 70 million business users based on the successful experience of developed applications, and to meet the needs of business intelligence management, promote the comprehensive upgrade the management level. Caojing Li's excellent speech led to the enthusiastic response of participants, field staff have approached management consulting business, the first to experience the product of intelligent management.

"Accounting family of three generations of accounting Life" theme of drama

As organizers of this festival, Friends of the Easy Company prepared a drama theme of accounting, the accounting people through three generations of dialogue and interpretation of the lives of more than 60 years of accounting changes, triggered a strong response among workers in the financial field . Foshan, a ceramics company's financial director, said that this drama a true reflection of the corporate finance staff changes in the work environment, reminiscent of the early accounting manual accounting tedious and difficult. She also told reporters that now has to spend a UF T6-business management software, will finance staff from the complex accounting work from liberation, to improve overall enterprise management situation.

Participants actively involved in the game

The support unit of another festival, enjoy the art of training and research base bring their ballet champion, on-site interpretation of some swans dance, received thunderous applauses from the participants. The raffle followed with interactive games Geng yes get the Qi Ye management's active participation, Jiang Qi Fen into the scene one after another high tide so that this cultural festival as a Foshan Hui Ji Men's revelry feast.

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